Communication and
Signalling Equipment

EX ResistTel Telephone
EX FernTel Telephone
EX Howl Call Telephone
Weatherproof Telephone ResistTel
Weatherproof Telephone FernTel
Weatherproof Telephone FernTel W
Weatherproof Phone Pillar
Weatherproof VOIP Telephone
Weatherproof ISDN Telephone
EX Telephone Signal Combination eFSK
EX Acoustic Telephone Call Signal
Telephone Protection Hood
Loudspeaker LS3000
EX Signalling Bell dGW 21
EX Sounder dEV21
EX Signalling Hooter HD22
Sirens F0, FI, FII, FIII
Pneumatic Horn PH1
Strobe Light Profiflash
EX Strobe Light dSLB20
EX Rotating Beacon dSLD21
Obstruction Light Skyline Alpha 1,2,3,4
Signalling Stack Light ML50
Mini Hooter with Warning Flash Light
EX Sounder Strobe Combination YL6
Signal Combination Duo LED
EEx Rotating Beacon dSLD 21        
Hazardous areas often require the use of optical signals for warning of signalling purposes. The EExII Rotating Beacon dSLD 21 offers both of these signalling features. It is designed for continuous operation. Turning on the supply voltage activates the dSLD 21. These devices are availble in various operating voltages and different signalling colours. The stable, glass-fibre reinforced polyester (GRP) housing is made to IP66 degree of protection and may be used indoors as well as outdoors. The II 2 G EEx de IIC T6 protection class enables the unlimited use of the signalling device in all hazardous areas, zones 1 and 2. The flameproof enclosure and the enclosed terminal compartment guarrantees increased safety in hazardous areas. The flameproof Makrolon cap enclosure protects the electronic component and the mounted halogen lamp. An inner cap lends colour to the emitted light. The device is fully protected against corrosion and fulfills the requirements of contact safety class II. An equipotential bonding is not required. All outer fastening parts are made with non-corrosive materials.
93 230 117 13 Amber/red - Housing Red - 230 VAC
Part NO. for Black housing available on request
93 024 017 13 Amber/red - Housing Red - 24 VAC/DC
Part No. for Black housing available on request
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