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EX Rotating Beacon dSLD21
Obstruction Light Skyline Alpha 1,2,3,4
Signalling Stack Light ML50
Mini Hooter with Warning Flash Light
EX Sounder Strobe Combination YL6
Signal Combination Duo LED
Telephone Signal Combination eFSK        
The eFSK 5842/1-EEx II is specifically designed for use as secondary telephone call indicator or signalling device in industrial applications with explosive atmospheres and may be used both indoors and outdoors. It is suitable for both wall and ceiling mounting. The Twin-EEx II can be used in the following operating modes by setting a dip switch: Secondary telephone call indicator.- In this mode, the device is used for the distinct signalling of incoming telephone calls in noisy environments. The signal is emitted loudly by the bell and complemented by the strobe-light. In this mode, the strobe light is operated with call break bridging. The power supply for the acoustic and optical signals is fed from 230V mains. The signals are controlled by the AC call voltage. No signals are emitted in the event of a power failure. In the other mode, the device generates the acoustic and optical signal when the 230V power is applied. The eFSK is a very compact unit comprising power supply, strobe light, amplifier, loudspeaker and phone connector. The base is made of seawater-proof cast aluminum and coated in plastic. The loudspeaker is made of impact and cold-resistant plastic and is mounted firmly on the housing. The cap of the strobe light forms the housing cover and is made of polycarbonate.
118 833 03 230 VAC / Yellow TBA
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