Communication and
Signalling Equipment

EX ResistTel Telephone
EX FernTel Telephone
EX Howl Call Telephone
Weatherproof Telephone ResistTel
Weatherproof Telephone FernTel
Weatherproof Telephone FernTel W
Weatherproof Phone Pillar
Weatherproof VOIP Telephone
Weatherproof ISDN Telephone
EX Telephone Signal Combination eFSK
EX Acoustic Telephone Call Signal
Telephone Protection Hood
Loudspeaker LS3000
EX Signalling Bell dGW 21
EX Sounder dEV21
EX Signalling Hooter HD22
Sirens F0, FI, FII, FIII
Pneumatic Horn PH1
Strobe Light Profiflash
EX Strobe Light dSLB20
EX Rotating Beacon dSLD21
Obstruction Light Skyline Alpha 1,2,3,4
Signalling Stack Light ML50
Mini Hooter with Warning Flash Light
EX Sounder Strobe Combination YL6
Signal Combination Duo LED
Strobe Light "Profiflash"
With its modular stylish housing the Xenon Strobe Light Profi Flash can be wall mounted or standing. The strobe light is available with 6 different caps and 2 different standard housing colours. By design, the device conforms to protection degree IP 45 and is suitable for indoor or outdoor use. The modular housing design enables a variety of solutions with regard to function. All housing parts are made of impact-resistant ABS, and the cap is of polycarbonate. The flash frequency is approximately 60 flashes per minute (1 Hz). In addition to the standard housing colours, optional colours may be supplied depending on the number of units ordered.
415 202 223 Profi Flash 230 VAC TBA
415 102 223 Profi Flash 24 VDC TBA
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