About Ashcom

ASHCOM Systems Ltd continues Avionic Systems (Heathrow) Ltd. (A.S.H.)’s business as a specialist company with more than 30 years experience in turn-key projects involving telecommunications, fire and security systems. A.S.H. is a British telecom specialist company established in 1971 and has launched its business into ASHCOM Systems Ltd, from January 2006.

ASHCOM is proud to announce its new identity as a global player in the telecommunication, fire and security markets. ASHCOM Systems Ltd (A.S.H.) have been engaged in design, manufacture, and installation of advanced technology products and systems and have supplied equipment for operation all over the world including environments as diverse as the Sahara desert and the Falkland Islands.

ASHCOM Systems Ltd has a successful project engineering and management team with strengths in Studies, Design, Procurement, Installation design, contracting and all of the engineering and financial aspects of total project management.

ASHCOM Systems Ltd can offer value added services which will save your money, resources, and headaches – and smoothly get your communications, fire and security systems up and running in a shorter time. We can simply customize our offers to suit your need experience and resources. ASHCOM Systems Ltd meets the highest quality standards of ISO9001:2000 and is a fully qualified supplier to many national and international telecom, oil and gas, utilities and transport companies.